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“Loveable losers… heart-on-its-sleeve stories… Fresh and original… part of a new generation of filmmakers well worth watching”

- Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star.
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“Fantastic British doc… joins the ranks of personal faves like SPELLBOUND… Just as fun, touching, energetic and as much of a crowd pleaser”

“Wonderfully presented kids… Some make you laugh. Some make you cry. All entertain.”

“Utterly charming… Leaves you all teary and tenderhearted.”

- Vickie Courtney, Moviepie.

“heartbreakingly adorable… hard not to be riveted”

“one of the festival’s ultimate feel-good docs”

Katarina Sanchez, They Shoot Actors Don’t They

“Hit of the festival”

-AJ Schnack, Indiepix

“whole audience loved it! Terribly fun to watch and really captured the spirit of the kids and the competition.”

- Ellen Eastwood, Shooting People

“Amazing … fun, energetic and captivating the whole way through”

- Stephen Wong,

“Wonderful film… very cute and adorable young dreamers… I Loved it.

- Jaime Lopez,

“Charming film about being a teenager…painfully honest…delightful…very moving and funny…
stole our hearts”

- Elke De Pourq,

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